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6 Myths About Leaving the Law for Writing
Young writers may be pushed toward lawyering, a talky, wordy profession...
                                     - Julia Cameron,
The Artist's Way

Did this happen to you? It happens to a lot of people. It happened to me.

Well-intentioned parents and career counselors push students toward law school because it's an established, (relatively) predictable path to a good living. Whether you've been a lawyer for 12 months or 12 years, you've probably already achieved some degree of financial success and social approbation. The only problem is that you're completely miserable.

You're spending way too much time working on things you don't care about, and you feel like your creative spark has been systematically stripped away over three years of law school and the years since then. You've learned that plugging names into boilerplate is not writing. You've learned that you're not cut out for this life.

You want out. And you want in - to a big, juicy life filled with meaningful work that inspires you.

Our exclusive free report, 6 Myths About Leaving the Law for Writing, explains:
  • Why you're not crazy to be feeling this way
  • The resources that can help you along the path to the life you want
  • Why it's not too late to change course
  • How to leverage your J.D. as a valuable asset to a writing career
  • Job options that won't leave you starving in a garret
  • How to reignite your creativity and unlearn your tendency to "write like a lawyer"
  • The best way to break the shackles of your golden handcuffs
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Jennifer Carsen is a "recovering lawyer" and the founder of Big Juicy Life. After running - screaming - from the law after only 11 months of practice,
she turned to a far more enjoyable career of writing, editing, and coaching other like-minded lawyers. Her humor essays have appeared in two recent Seal Press anthologies, Tied in Knots: Funny Stories From the Wedding Day and The Bigger the Better the Tighter the Sweater. She is also the author of HR How-to: Employee Retention and the Divorce Guide for Illinois.

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